Vanessa describes herself as An ordinary lady with an Extraordinary gift.

"I was very young indeed when I realised that the voices I heard were not in my imagination as everyone around me led me to believe they were real. A little later those voices became substance I could see the people who spoke to me as clearly as I saw events in my everyday life. I just knew then that this was something not to be feared but something, a gift, given to me for me to use to help others I was eight years old!

I consider myself to be an ordinary lady with an extraordinary gift, a gift that has strengthened and grown over the years a gift given by God. I have not been protected from the trials and tribulations of everyday life in fact in some ways the opposite is true. Through all of my difficulties I have been, and remain, thankful for every day that God gives me and grateful more than words can say.

I now live in the West country having spent much of my life in Solihull in the West Midlands. I am the proud Mum to three children, two daughters and a son, who are now quite grown up but still my children! The recent years have not been easy I looked after my Mother until she passed into spirit world and all of that time my guardian angel was prompting, encouraging, cajoling me to write a book about my life and my gift Eventually I listened, and I wrote.

I am dedicated to enabling loved ones who have been parted to re-establish their links with one another. My path in life has been made clear and was chosen for me perhaps I can help you, with the angels, to light your way along your path".